Sway is a blog about having influence with others who are important to you, inclining them, their Tim Dawesminds, or emotions in the way you want. It’s not about manipulation, but about using skills–communications skills–to lead or… sway others.

Tim Dawes, the author of Sway, is a writer, consultant, and trainer. He works largely in Healthcare and Hi-Tech, teaching and coaching staff from frontline care givers to VP level executives to communicate effetively and influence colleagues, clients, and other very important people.

His book showing frontline care givers how to work more effectively with patients and colleagues was named an award-winning finalist in USABookNews Best Books for 2006. His newsletter garnered an award for publishing excellence.

Tim has experience in a variety of projects in Hi-Tech such as teaching senior staff from GMs to VPs to challenge their CXOs, coaching members of IT to help their sales counterparts close business in executive briefings, and training corporate staff to weild more influence in internal consulting roles.