Thanks very much for responding to my search for writers

This opportunity is open by invitation only

I’m submitting articles and creating blog posts for projects I’m working on. I cover a variety of topics. I’m hoping you can help me.

Good, clear, fluent English, and a style that makes it clear to the reader why they should take action – these are more important to me than your CV or background in the particular topics themselves. I provide some background and suggest titles for the articles.

I provide:

  • a brief packet of background information (5-6 pages) and when I can
  • a merchant’s ebook or mini-ebook or excerpts from it
  • a list of keywords, titles and angles- each article is written for a set of keyword/title/angles

What I’m looking for from you:

  • Short articles or blog posts – 300-375 words long, just shy of 1 page
  • original work, ghostwriting, I keep the copyright
  • “how to” or “top X” style per topic
  • keyword phrase in the intro, the conclusion, and one other place in the article about midway through (no keyword stuffing)

The style of writing I need:

These articles are different from the standard articles many people request to put on their websites. Those articles need to be written well and incorporate lots of keywords to make a semantically rich network of content. The articles in this blog are examples of what many people are asking for.

I need something different.

My project is to create articles that move readers from a state of curiosity to seeing a compelling reason to take action, namely, clicking on a link at the end of the article. The article needs to leave the reader feeling informed, dissatisfied with their current state and with other options that face them, and ready to take some new action that we suggest.

Fortunately, those articles aren’t tough to write because you can follow some standard formats. Here are some examples.

The opportunity format

How to Find Cars Super Cheap Now

  1. Intro paragraph- you want a cheap car, now is a good time to buy
  2. 2-4 paragraphs – here are the traditional places to find cheap cars, they are good sources, each a little different, yet they have these problems that make them a hassle or unworkable for you
  3. 1 paragraph – Government auctions are a great option that have none of these problems
  4. Conclusion – government auctions may be just what you’re looking for, and the only downside to them is that they are diamonds in the rough – they can be difficult to find themselves. You need a source for finding them efficiently and easily.

Here’s a great example that works really well. It doesn’t follow the format strictly but leaves the reader wanting to take a particular action and needing just a bit more information to do that.


Here’s an example that is well written but doesn’t work. It’s  clear, accurate, and coherent. But it gives readers too many options and doesn’t give them a compelling reason to take a particular action.


The problem format

5 Remedies to treat facial warts

  1. Intro paragraph – Facial warts are unsightly and that’s a real problem in today’s appearance-conscious societies. Sure, they’ll go away in time, but what do you do if don’t want to wait.
  2. List of 5 very brief options
    - freeze them off
    - cut them off
    - use a laser (and problems of scarring with all invasive strategies like this
    - home remedy it’s much gentler and there are lots of wives’ tales out there that don’t work and there are problems with making the warts spread if you don’t treat them correctly
  3. Conclusion – home remedies can work really well and quickly, just make sure that you’re using one that has real experience behind it and you’ve got specific directions that will make you successful

Once you get into the groove, you can generate these articles pretty quickly. I give you a packet of info and you’re writing articles on a fairly tightly grouped set of keywords so you’re not coming up with new material every time. You get 10 key points and use different combinations of 3 or 4 for each article.

Here’s an example that works well.


Here’s an example that doesn’t. Again, it’s well-written and doesn’t lead readers to take the action we want them to.


Next step:

If this project appeals to you, send me an article that fits this style. If we’ve already communicated, send me an article on the topic we’re discussing. Otherwise, send me an example you’ve written that builds up an opportunity or provides the reader with a solution to a problem and does it in 300-375 words.  Ideally, at the end of the article, the reader will be thinking, “wow, I really want to take action on this if only I had a little more information.”

Send the article to me at

If you write the style of article I can use, I’ll give you an assignment to write several to see how they go. And there will be many more after that.

Thanks again for your time considering this opportunity,

Tim Dawes

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